Replacement Filters

Learn more about filter replacement and filter monitor reset.

  • For filter replacements, please contact Haws customer service at 1-888-909-4297, or purchase new filters through our e-store. It is recommended that at least one filter replacement is on hand for immediate replacement purposes.
  • Maintenance personnel can determine filter life as outlined on page 4 of the user guide.  The filter should be changed when the filter LED blinks yellow or red, or sooner if the water flow begins to decrease.
  • To open the unit, slide the supplied hex key (or a long, small slotted screwdriver) into the notch in the left-hand side of the hinged upper panel and press the key firmly in that same direction.  This will disengage the internal spring latch.  Simultaneously pull open the hinged panel.

Take care not to damage the stainless steel panel or the spring latch in this process.

  • NOTE:  Opening the hinged panel cuts the power to the sensor and the solenoid valve, preventing accidental activation.

Filter Repclament 1

  • An instructional label is visible when the hinged panel is opened, noting how to replace the filter (see below).
  • NOTE:  Water does not need to be shut off to replace the filter cartridge; however, it should be shut off if the filter head is going to be left without a cartridge installed for a long period of time.

Filter Repclament 2

  • Unscrew old filter cartridge.
  • Screw new cartridge firmly into filter head.
  • Reset the filter monitor by pressing the “Pwr/Stg” button on the filter monitor base unit (unless display is already on).
  • Press the “Set” button once, then press & hold the “Set” button for 2 seconds.
  • Run water briefly through unit to assure that the filter LED flashes green upon activation.  If it does not, consult the Troubleshooting Guide.
  • Open unit and examine to assure that there are no leaks.
  • Water should be run through the system for approximately five minutes after the cartridge is installed in order to remove the loose carbon particles from the filter cartridge and any air bubbles from the system.

Battery Replacement

  • If the filter LEDs shows a solid red light, replace the two AA batteries in the filter monitor by pulling the monitor off of its Velcro mount and opening the battery compartment in the back.
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